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Rental Apartments in Goa

Rental Apartments in Goa

If you are thinking of booking an apartment in Goa online, think again. Because, typically the owner of the apartment rents it out to someone who pays higher in spite of the booking you do online. This will put you in an embarrassing situation after arrival. So don’t send money to anyone online who promises they will hold the place for you.


  • The best way to do it is to arrive at Goa and check in to guesthouse for a week. You can drive around during this time and find an apartment. You will get to see plenty of to-let signs.
  • Decide on the location first. Rent an apartment in or near the location of your choice.
  • Search on Take down the owner’s address of properties that come with the same. You can see them in person when you arrive in Goa.
  • You can directly contact an agent.
  • Try airbnb. You may even get some bucks off your first stay.
  • Check out flipkey holiday home rentals.

Once you shortlist a few places online, you can meet the landlord in person and see the property for yourself before you ink the deal.

Try finding a place before the season starts. November to February is the peak season. Rents during the season would be double the usual. If you are planning to stay the year round you will get a better bargain. You get better rates on extended lease as well. Haggling is normal in India. So do not take the first price you are offered. Do negotiate before you rent an apartment in Goa.

You are to pay the electricity bill. If you run A/C, it’s going to get quite pricey. Most places other than gated communities have no particular rules to follow. You may have to pay security deposit for some good apartments and those that are part of gated communities.


Some apartments come partially furnished while others come fully furnished. However, you do not really need premium furniture during your stay. All you need is a good bed and couch. A TV is an amenity that helps too. You can buy additional mattresses, bed sheets and pillows etc from the market in Mapusa. From April to June Goa experiences very hot climate. So this is a time when you cannot do without A/C. Look for an Apartment with an A/C. Check if the apartment has an inverter and power back up, just in case there is a power outage. You may also need to have a refrigerator, water filter, dishwashers and ovens in your rented apartment.


Security is one of the most important things of all when you rent an apartment in Goa. Mostly the security service charges are included in the rent. It is necessary so that you don’t have to worry about break-ins, stalking and other similar threats. Security may even help with car wash and errands as well for you. You may need housemaids too for washing your dishes, sweeping, mopping, dusting, laundry, change bedding, so on and so forth. Check with your apartment owner for all of these.


It is a luxury apartment in North Goa. It comes with quality amenities and security.

GROVE 2 BEDROOMS make one of the best luxury apartments that you can rent in Goa.


If you are looking to stay in Candolim, consider GROVE 3 BEDROOMS. This is a 3-bedroom apartment. It comes very close to the fabled Candolim beach in North Goa.
With that, wish you a happy rented apartment stay in Goa!