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5 Things To Consider While Choosing A Holiday Home In Goa

5 Things To Consider While Choosing A Holiday Home In Goa

One of the first things to do when you holiday in Goa is to choose the best way to stay in Goa. And if you are a discerning vacationer, you would give thumbs up to a rented holiday home for reasons you already know. But for starters, it would not hurt to take as many tips as they can before they pack their bags. Goa offers you a rich array of beachfront holiday homes for families and groups of all sizes. You can enjoy your holidays best in beachfront homes. Let your holiday be short or long. So how would you choose a holiday home in Goa that fills the bill?
The range of options you can choose from is enormous. And so if you plan it well you can save a lot of your time and energy. Here’s a quick guide on renting a holiday home for your next vacation in Goa.

Everything else will fall in place once you define the purpose of your holiday. Ask yourself what is it that you want out of your holiday in Goa? How many days do you plan to vacation? Make a list of things you cannot do without such as laundry, the size of bed, TV, Wifi so on and so forth. And then, list down items you wish you had, such as dishwasher, a big yard, a big private pool, a garden etc. Make a third list of things you do not want to have around your place of stay. That may include, for example, a busy road and an uncovered pool just in case you have kids with you. If you want to take pets along, you need a property that permits pets. With such a list ready, you will be ready to navigate the list of amenities and properties with ease.
Many people go by the beautiful photograph of the exterior of a property. Beware of taking decision based on the looks. Instead examine images of the property in detail, including all the important rooms, the bathroom, washroom, living room, bedroom, pool, yard, sundeck, close-ups of furniture, upholstery, carpet, kitchen, utensils and the surroundings. If you see anything in the photos that is potentially harmful to any of your family member you can eliminate the option you are previewing. The pictures generally help you get a fairly good visual idea of the property before you take a decision.

Where exactly in Goa is the property located? This important piece of information can make and break your holiday. Best thing to do is look at a map. See if the rented holiday home comes in the neighbourhood of restaurants, general stores, multiplex, if any. How far is it from the places of interest that you want to visit? If you want to live near the center of town you may want a holiday home in a location not far from town. But if you want to live in a holiday home away from the town, that’s what you want. If you want to enjoy water sports and more of shoreline, a beachfront home is fit for you.

Asking people that have stayed in a given property for their experience would help you to a great extent in taking an informed decision. Take their opinion. You can learn from their experience. They would give you additional information too which you may not get from Net or the property Website or from their staff. They may also be able to give you some information that the photographs do not. You may get important tips from them such as the actual time it takes to move around from place to place.

Last but not least, compare the price each of your shortlisted property quotes and the value you get for that price. List down all the value you get against the price and make a comparison. Give a score for each item, if you will, on a 1-10 point scale. With that you should be able to take a decision on your vacation stay in Goa.

Happy holidays!